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Amy Joy Miller | @amysampsonmiller



A Little About Amy Miller

Amy Miller is a Producer at C&I Studios.


Her astute knowledge of industry standards continually positions our creative departments for success. From scouting locations to developing shot- lists, to hiring models and cataloging equipment, she orchestrates our team so they can do what they do best. Her adaptability in this fast-paced environment has proven instrumental in helping C&I Studios lead thought and innovation in our industry.


Amy Miller has been a Producer at C&I Studios for ten years. Throughout her career, she has worked with a-list brands around the globe, like Nike, Lululemon, Coca-Cola, Fortune Magazine, and many more. Her attention to detail from creation to execution, and her ability to think of proper solutions when faced with sudden obstacles, is a necessary skill set. As a full service marketing agency, relevant, consistent, and quick information is integral in developing original, effective assets for our clients. With her, we consistently create unique content in spaces that we know will successfully showcase our clients’s brands, and market effectively.

Amy Joy Miller posing for camera kneeling in a vintage car being attended to by a crew member for coat adjustment
Black and white of Amy Joy Miller standing with a man holding a camera and a horse
Amy Joy Miller posing for camera sitting in a vintage car
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