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Joseph Miller

General Manager


A Little About Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller is the General Manger at C&I Studios.


He has been with the company since its inception. His highly involved understanding of company practices qualify him as the ideal candidate for overseeing all functions related to C&I Studios and our various brand extensions. As first intern and first employee, Joseph Miller started off as an integral member of the team. During these initial stages he redesigned our logo into what it currently is today, and proved to be a positive influence on our brand. He worked alongside our first clients, was directly involved in finding solutions to our first problems, and helped to create our first major successes. Even more importantly, he is the only employee to work in every single department: video, photo, graphics, web, accounting, rentals, events, marketing, and administrative. Joseph Miller’s long-standing history with the company was one of the earliest building blocks in creating such an involved company culture.


Joseph Miller’s passion for art and attention to detail are true assets in an industry where accuracy and speed influence one another. He oversees all functions related to our business, and ensures consistent cooperation across departments. Whether it comes to drafting legal documents, ensuring consistent client relations, overseeing studio rentals, or organizing internal efforts and events, Joseph Miller is directly involved to ensure our standards are always upheld.

Headshot of Joseph Miller
Black and white headshot of Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller posing for camera with a crew member
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